Fake Deliery with Fraud Delivery

I bought Honor 9 N from Flipkart on 16 Aug 2018 through order id:- OD113125914082365000 I had given my office address for delivery. On Sunday 19 Aug I received a call from delivery boy that your courier has come. As it was Sunday I was not in the office so I asked delivery boy to deliver it to guard and after delivering to guard he should connect the call to me confirming that he has delivered it. I received an SMS regarding delivery of my courier. As I didn’t receive call from delivery boy so I called my guard to enquire about delivery. He said no one has come to deliver any parcel. Then I contacted Flipkart they asked me to wait till 9 p.m.
I started calling the courier company’s number,phone was switched off. I continuously tried calling. Next day morning I came to office and checked the CCTV footage but can’t see any delivery boy coming and delivering it. Then I again called Customer care number of Flipkart to report the matter and I also came to know that my false signature have been made to show that it has been delivered. Since then I am continuously following up with Flipkart but there is no response.
I was asked to wait till 24 August 2018 but there is neither any call nor any resolution of the problem. If we call them they keep our call on hold for a long time and every day they ask for 24 more hours to get it resolved.
As I have already paid money for the product and product also not delivered to me I have no option just to listen to them whatever they say. I am feeling cheated and I can see my hard earned money being fraudulently taken by Flipkart. I request you to kindly look into matter and save my hard earned money. I want either my phone or my money back.
Please help us.
Madhur jain
My mobile no:- 7838641620
Order id:- OD113125914082365000
Service request no:- IN1808201003054769769

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