fake data entry job

Sir/Mam, i was searching for some data entry job online and i registered on a website. A person name Aryan Singh mailed me that we provide data entry jobs and the registration fees will be deducted through your salary. I was happy as there was no registration fee. after that I read the T&C of the job that looks weird, but still i signed on the agreement. i was having doubt of fraudulent website ,so I consulted lot of people and I found that these mails are frauds and I send a whatsapp message to executive of that company that i don’t want to do this job and he said OK at that time. But, they send me an email in which they sent me a username and password for working. I contacted that person again and said that why you sent me this mail as i have already told you i don’t want to work. They said as we have sent you work you have to do it otherwise pay 5500rs to company or a legal action will be taken against you…WORK:1500 forms are given are 1400 forms should be correct. otherwise pay money to company

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