Fake connection in my name

Since few months back My Airtel app is showing a DTH conmection under my accounts.
I have never applied for any dth account.

On calling customer care, first the executive told me that its my account and I am wrong.
Then after convincing her that I have never applied for account, also I did not held any airtel dth account previously, she told me that someone in my family may have applied. I told him that my family also doesnt uses airtel dth, and even if they applied how can airtel allot connection to anyone in my name.

As far as i know 1 address proof and 1 photo id is required for connection. This seems to be case of identity fraud.

Inspite calling several times, customer care always replies that my number us highlighted and some senior executive will call me in 2 hrs.
No one calls me ever.

Waiting for this week, then I think i will file a FIR for identity fraud.

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