Failure to rectify set top box failure for last 11 days

Dear Sir,
i am deeply frustrated and angst over the inability of the Airtel DTH to provide any kind of customer services for my airtel dth …customer no 3014761423.(001)…customer care has been registering complaints from 28 th Feb onwards and i have been calling on a daily basis….when at last on 9th of March service guy Mr Raees comes and changes the set top box and informs that my set top box will be activated after 24 hrs….still it was not activated…i called customer care yesterday….within 20 min it will be activated from freeze mode….not activated today morning 10th March 9;15 am i called….to customer care…escalated to senior Mrs Harjeet……she said will be activated within 10 minutes ….after 20 minutes still not activated…….she starts feigning that she cannot hear me on phone!!! I had been assured that due to extreme delay in services i shall not be charged extra for services and STB replacement…however Mr Raess billed me for 350 and still my stb not activated…My request for at least not charging me money for the last 10 days for unable to use/see airtel dth was used to only ‘freeze” my account and no reversal of burn rate was done and instead because of this “freezing”of account which your team is unable to de-freeze despite multiple calls… i am not able to stil see DTH(error code B003)
If this is the kind of services Airtel DTH provides now then it should simply tell its customers that we cannot provide you services and you should subscribe to an alternate DTH provider.
Dr Danish Jamal

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