FAILURE of receiving the exact balance inspite of several complaints to MTS COMPANY

Location/place: India

Name of company/service: midnapore medical college

On 17th may 2012 i made a recharge of Rs 152.They were required to give Rs 165 as main balance in two phases:- 1st Rs132 and then the remaining in next 48 hrs.I received the 1st amount but did not received the remaining. for this i lodged a complaint to the company on 21st may. Complaint no is C12-47516576.I have still now not received any solution.

Again on 15th june i made a recharge of Rs60.They were required to give full Rs 60 in two phases Rs 52 immediately and the remaining Rs 8in 72 hrs. I have still not received the remaining amount.For this also i have lodged a complaint on 19th june but did not got any solution. Complaint no C12-47217855. It would be very kind of you if you take some necessary actions so that i can get back my remaining amounts.

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