Failure of AC in 2 months and no servicing

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Tata, Voltas AC

I think there’s a reason why companies like the Tatas are being forced to come out with low cost options and rampant advertising. It’s to make up for loss of equity that sub-brands like Voltas as causing them
We have 2 month old 1.5 tonne AC and it has stopped working within a month of installation! 10 calls have been made to the service center and the idiots are incapable of servicing the durable, still. What’s worse, NO ONE in the call center or service center can even understand the nature of the complaint and keeps repeating the same spiel. Wish it were a lighter durable; would’ve personally carried it and dumped it in some showroom and paid them NEVER to contact us!

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