Failed to deliver promised good

Location/place: Whitefield, Bangalore

Name of company/service: Royaloak, Marathalli

I have purchased a showcase (Model: BS202GM) at Royaloak(represented by World Furniture, Marathalli, Bangalore) on 9thJune’12. The condition during payment was that it will be delivered on the next day(10thJune’12). The next day(10thJune) the delivery team delivered the uninstalled showcase pack. Later part of the same day, installation team arrived. But during the installation, they found out the glass doors’ package, which was part of the whole set, was not delivered. The installation team called delivery team and found out that delivery man forgot to load it from warehouse. Installation team informed that it will be delivered and installed within 2 days(12thJune’12). But no one turned up or called. I contacted showroom people at 08064541032. They told that they will get back in 1/2 hour, but I recieved no call. I myself called again to them towards evening and they promised that it will be done by next day (i.e., 13thJune’12). No one turned up. No Call. I called on 13th evening to the showroom again and spoke to Manager (Ahmed) and he assured that he will take the ownership and see that it will get delivered on 14th (next day). But now its 16thJune’12, no one came or atleast called. I called Ahmed again and I had to remind the earlier conversation to him, and still he is saying he will look into situation.

I am really disappointed towards the service. The main condition I clearly explained to them while paying is that the delivery and installation to be done on next day itself. But incomplete job does not make any sense. Geniunely if there is any unavailability of the good, it should be company’s responsibility to inform the same to customer, not to promise to customer that job will be completed by next day evertime the customer calls.

Please take appropriate actions to see that no more customers will be bothered like this by this company.

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