eZone is trying to deliver defective tablet. I already made payment

Location/place: Bhubaneswar

Name of company/service: eZone

I purchased Micromax Funbook P275 Infinity tablet on 11th february 2013 from eZone, Bhubaneswar. At store only, after making payment, they started showing how it works. Meanwhile, the guy giving demo went to get warranty card stamped. When he came back and resumed demo, he found that on/off switch was broken,. He started saying you have broken it, you have to take the product, On my insistence that why dont you see in CCTV footage, he started shouting again. When I expressed desire to meet the store manager, I found that store manager was standing there since beginning as spectator. I asked him why did not you intervene. his answer was, you have already paid for the product. So, it is yours now. You take it to Micromax service center. We assume no responsibility. On my persistent insistence he agreed to send the product to Micromax.

My complaint is –
1)Until you handover me the packet, product is yours. Just because I made the payment, I do not assume responsibility. If you do not assume any responsibility for defective product, why do you open the packet at all?

2)Why should I take a repaired product? If I have not taken the delivery, why should I take a repaired product? I am forced to because your store is abusing me.

3)How can your store attended blame a customer that he damaged the product? Why are you having CCTV then?

4) Why are you abusing customer at store?

I have not taken delivery of product yet.

Please, give me new product, not repaired one. I have not even touched the tablet I paid for and I am going to get a repaired product! Never thought this kind of thing could happen at any store.

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