Extremely rude admin

I msgd admin to ask the product price and admin blocked me for no reason. I called their to ask d reason and I said why u blocked me wot d hell nd she took it personally she asked if I am a reseller after knowing dat and i am not a reseller she started shouting at me she told me that I don’t have manners. She was shouting at the client and telling me that I don’t hv manners. She told me she don’t care whether her clients are blocked or not. She get too many msgs and she don’t have time to remember dis. Being a client i have right to ask if sm inconveniency happens to me. This is definitely not the way to talk to ur clients. Plz appoint a gud admin in ur company otherwise dis admin will create many losses to ur company. I will not recommend dis company to anyone and I will tell dis scenario to my each n every frnd n relatives. And also I have the call recording i will make them listen to this for sure.

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