Extremely dissatisfaction from Samsung Product and Customer Service

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: Samsung

Hi Team,

This Email is in continuation to the issues which I am facing with my Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100LKAINU) since last 5 months and now, I am this much frustrated that I decided to drag this matter to the higher authorities of Samsung and other Legal Firms later as well.

I am esteemed and Loyal customer of Nokia since I started using Cell Phone for my Personal Use but with the Growing Market of Samsung and Universal use of their features, I decided to leave Nokia and wanted to be the Customer of Samsung and started saving money to purchase the Well Known Brand and Highly Sold Model which is Samsung Galaxy S2 on June 12, 2012. I am student doing Hotel Management from Pusa and do not have this much money that I can change the Phones within a few months but since I have purchased Samsung, I am facing issues one month after the other.

After using this Phone for 5 months, it started giving me issues and I contacted Service Center lot of times right from January 2013 but invain. Even I used my Samsung Phone very delicately and never even used any External Memory with it and never even installed any Third Party Applications or Games as I always keep my Phone as simple as I can.

After using the Phone for 3 months, it started Over Heating during calls and getting Power Off randomly during calls which goes for say 15 or 20 minutes calls. When I firstly faced this issue, I went to Service Center and they re installed the Device Software on my Phone and they did 3 times in 2 months but the issue was still there. After this, another issue also started coming up which includes Hang Up and Touch Screen stopped working randomly and Battery Back Up hardly lasts for 2 hours even in Stand By Mode.

Since I was very much impressed by the Features and Design of Samsung, I recommended Samsung to my Brother and Close Friend too and then they also purchased Samsung Galaxy S Advance and Samsung Note 2 (I can provide IMEI on request) and once I started facing this issues, I was highly disappointed.

After 6 months, my Phone turned out to be a complete piece of Junk and started giving me issues like Over Heating, Random Power Off and On, Hang Up, Touch Screen Not Work and Nil Battery Back Up, I went to Service Center and they said again, that Software needs to be updated and they did that and after 20 minutes, they have decided that they will keep the Phone for testing and after 1 week, they said that there was a issue with the Mother Board of the Phone and they said that they have changed it. Please note that I am just without the Phone for 1 week even when I am a student and can not afford to keep 2 phones. I took the Phone from them and felt good that my issues has been resolved but just only after 5 minutes, my Phone again started giving me the same issues as soon as I started using it. I even get my SIM Card changed from Vodafone as perhaps network Issues may be related to that but nothing worked for that

Then, again I have visited Service Center on April 08, 2013 and they started giving me crap like we need the Phone for testing again and need to see what can be done again. Now, I am highly frustrated and upset that this happened to me as I have invested my Hard Earned Saving into this Phone and they says that need my Phone for TESTING. What the hell testing is going on that they are not even able to diagnose the issues on my Phone.

At this point of time, I want Samsung to replace my Phone completely along with the Battery as Exception as in all the issues, no where is my Fault and this experience broke my trust in Samsung. If something can not be done with respect to the resolution as per my satisfaction, I will consider to drag this matter to the Legal Cell of Consumer Forum or BBB as the situation will force me to do as my Warranty is coming to an end and I will be Handicapped after June 12, 2012 and now no one will hear to my issues. It seems that Service Center people are also want to cover this time and this is the reason, they are just killing the time for Testing and other Base Less purposes.

Here are the relevant details mentioned below:-

Cell #:- 9911090434 (In case of Not reachable, please call ANUJ KUMAR 9999176234 (Brother))
Phone Model :- Samsung S2
Serial #:- RF1C54GCYTY
IMEI :- 352944054871481
Purchase Date :- 12/06/2012
1st Service Center Visited :- BANSAL Telecom, G-2, R.G Complex, Community Center, Sector – 8, Rohini, Near Petrol Pump, (+91-9654294294/ +91-9716294294)
2nd Service Center Visited:- Service Center # 0003493948, 161, 1st Floor, Pocket F17, Sector – 8, Rohini 110035
Present Status of Phone :- It is with Service Center since April 8, 2013 for Testing Purpose for undefined Period.

{HI Team,

Again i am very disappointed by seeing this Automated reply from your end. Its not a big deal that you did by confirming me that your phone is at Service Center. I am already aware that my Phone is at Service Center, you are not giving me a Great Information.

Please tell me in 2 simple words that are you able to resolve my issue or not. If No, then I will find my other ways to get it resolved as I can’t tolerate you guy anymore.

Please get a GRIP SAMSUNG. It is a very shame on your part be making me dissatisfied at this point of time.}

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