Extreme delay in delivery on Laptop and no backup taken before repair.Imp data lost and communicated only at the time of delivery.

Location/place: KOLKATA

Name of company/service: COMBINE I

Dear All @ consumer forum,

I had a simple problem of my Laptop display not functioning.I had called Just Dial Kolkata for name of Service provider from which i got no of-
Combine i,41/3 Gariahat Rd,Ground Floor, Kolkata,West Bengal-700031.India.Contact No 033-65366667/[email protected] Registration id 1105125476
(Another branch Prince Anwar Shah Rd 1/46 Poddar Naagar Kol-68).On 11th May they have collected the laptop from my residence since im working and said that the same will be returned to me within 3-4 days post detection of error.
I had clearly mentioned to the cust care representative-Miss Priyanka that my data in the laptop should remain intact and no damage should happen to confidential data.
I was assured that the data would be intact.I was told that there is some problem in the graphics card in the motherboard.As layman i am not suppose to know tecnical terms and issues that my laptop is facing.
After few days i was called by Ms Priyanka and told that there are some further issues and they would take another 2-3 days to repair the same.Iagreed to the same.Hearing no news from them my mother had called them up and we had told them that they cannot be delaying delivery of laptop in this manner and to deliver the same as already 10 days have already gone and if they further delay then i shall not be making any payment to them because of such harrasement.To my surprise on 22nd i was told by ms Priyanka that delivery boy is in Howrah and would not be able to deliver on Tuesday.They had already tested my patience and i was compelled to use harsh language.However nothing affected them and delivery did not happen on 23rd May also.
On 24th May, morning the lady Miss Priyanka very casually called me to tell me that the laptop would be delivered by 12.30 and all my data is lost as my harddisk has crashed.
I was taken by shock when she very casually said that all data was lost and asked her why backup was not taken ispite of me repeatedly telling them that i had very imp data.
My point as a layman and customer is that why i was not informed before that my hard disk crashed and all my financial data was lost.Did my harddisk crash on 24th morning itself? No.It had happened earlier and was casually told at the time of delivery.This is a limit to lack of service to a customer.They could have warned me earlier that i may lose the data.
When i wanted to talk to the Proprietor of the company i was not provided any no where i can speak to her ,finally i called up Just Dial and posted a complaint with them.They helped me talk to proprietor Pinky Saha who clearly went on deniying that there has been any service deliquency on their part.
Why sould customers be harrassed like this by service providers?Dont they have any turn around time for delivery of electronics or they can just take their own sweet time.Necessary action should be taken against such service providers who have no care for their customers and are just interested in getting their service fees by any means.I am thankful to Just dial kolkata who have acknowledged my complaint and helped me atleast contact the proprietor.Today out of sheer frustration and disappointment i am putting this complaint in consumer forum hoping that such negligence and lapse in service should not be faced by any other customer.-D Banerjee.

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