extra swipe amount Rs.1824.50

Location/place: noida

Name of company/service: Big Bazar

Big Bazar had extra debited amount Rs.1824.50 on 30 may time 8.45 pm approx. from my account and no one is following up for my money from big bazar just showing from their side that they had not received any extra amount as their swaping machine has some technical issue in their machine and they warned their staff not to use it still they use it and swipe my card twice and one swipe payment was returned but another transition amount was debited in their account as my canara bank clear in my bank pass book that its credited to their account and we have proof but big bazar showing their statement that they had not received.any such amount as its my hard earned money so no one have to worry for it and i am running pillar to post to post my amount.So i file a complaint in consumer court to refund my money as they had taken cash from me for the goods we purchase and manager was showing attitude also and after along hassel of 2 and half hour we get free and ultimately we are the loosers as they told us the money will return in our account in 24 hours but it was not return till date.

Then I visited my bank after few days taking a half day from my job and after following they cleared me that money has been transfered from my account and i have proof also i taken out my bank statement and make a passbook copy print out it clear money had been credited to big bazar.

Its being more then 9 days now i have to move to consumer court for refund of my money.
As my card had been swipe twice and if one time payment had been reversed ina minute then why not another transaction amount has not been reversed in my account till date, its clear that its was transferred to biz Bazar Account whether you people accept or not.Then i Paid cash Rs 1825.00. The problem arise around 8.45 pm and i get free by 11.40 pm Is this customer services provided by big Bazar,.not acceptable from a brand like Big Bazar..FMCG companies…


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