Extra Charges for Using Credit Card

Location/place: Plot No. 9,Survey no. 64, Huda techno enclave, Near Hitech City, Besides Ratna Deep Supermarket, Madhapur, Hyderabad – 500081

Name of company/service: Pride Honda

I wanted to Buy a Car Honda Amaze. When I called them up inquired about the Booking Advance, they mentioned that it is 21,000/- and If I wanted to Pay by Credit Card, they are Asking me 2% Extra on the transaction amount. The Justification Provided to me Was Lame… They say that ‘It goes to the Bank’… Who doesn’t know that the Charges Indeed goes to the Bank, But is it Not on the Merchant to Bear it when Customer is using his Credit Card ? In fact, this is the advantage that Bank actually Provides to their Credit Card Holder. It is Quite often that Merchant make the Card holders Deprived of the same Advantage.

Can we take any action in Such Cases ?

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