Extra amount added in post paid mobile number (9820267642) and nobody ready to hear from Airtel

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Airtel

This is regarding discrepancy in Bill amount of my mobile number (9820267642) for May month .

I raised a request to port my number from Vodafone to Airtel in May 2012. While submitting form, I requested to activate 98 rental GPRS plan also. Once my number got activated, GPRS service also got activated since I already raised request to activate 98 rental GPRS plan. When I got my first bill for month May I observed that RS 5500+ has been changed for GPRS and the total download was less than 800MB which is under 98 rental GPRS plan. After talking to Airtel customer care I got to know that 200MB free downloading plan was activated instead of 98 rental GPRS plan which was not as per my request. This is the reason of extra bill charge which are added after 200MB free downloading is completed.

Request you to please deduct these extra charges from my bill due to following points:

1. I requested to activate 98 rental GPRS plan and 200MB plan was never requested to activate.
2. Airtel never informed me about 200MB plan and I was under impression that I am using 98 rental GPRS plan. That is the reason is kept on using GPRS services.
3. I also did not get any notification after completion of 200MB. If such plan was activated on my number then Airtel should inform me and also should notify once 200MB is completed.

Miscommunication was happened from Airtel side and I am the one who is suffering due to extra bill charges and deactivation of my GPRS services.

I am struggling with Airtel customer care to get a solution but nobody is ready to hear and finally I started feeling that Airtel does not care of customers. Here are the actions I have taken to get this issue resolved:

1. Tried to Communicate though email and I have been told that Airtel will investigate and let me know. After that I kept on sending mails to get response and never got reply.
2. I called up to customer care several times, every time I was getting reply that Airtel will investigate and let me know.
3. After several communications to customer care I got to know that a complaint should be logged on 198. Then I called up on 198 and the Airtel person was not ready to log my complaint because she was saying that it is invalid complaint without any investigation. After 20 minutes of argue she got ready to log my complaint (Ref: 44182937). Some days later this complaint was showing status as resolved without providing me any explanation/information and the extra amount is still not deducted from my bill. Nobody informed me about the resolution of my complaint.
4. Lastly, I sent a mail to Mumbai nodal office but again I did not get any response.

After doing above efforts, I got frustrated and feeling helpless. I am suffering because of miscommunication happened from Airtel only and nobody from Airtel is ready to talk on this issue. What should I do?

Onkar Singh

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