Exploitation in Services

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: LG

On 17th May 2012 , the refrigerator suddendly stopped working and the cooling effect of the refrigerator was totally stopped. Immediately contacted the customer care and filed a request to attend the complaint. On repeated requests ,representative reported to my home after 3 days from the date of complaint. He looked into the problem and stated that a small capacitor unit got damaged due to electric fluctuation and hence the entire mother board has t o be replaced which may cost upto Rs 3000/- plus. Then I questioned him if a small capacitor has got damaged then why the entire mother board needs to be placed. Then he replied saying that these capacitors would not be available as spares and hence we need to change the entire mother board. I had no option to say “Yes” and asked him to place an order for a spare. It had been more than 8 days we have no response in getting that spare part replaced from them and show a casual approach in replying that order has been placed but the spare has not been delivered. Later after few days technician named Kamalakar ( Phone No.8978888418) reported to my residence with the spare part of PC and tried to assemble, but his attempt went on vain and stated that the spare part sent to them was a defective part. Then , I questioned him saying how could a company send the defective spare part without being properly checked. He replied saying that sometimes the part sent may not match to the product . Then , I had no option other than tracing for the number of Area Service Manager. Despite making lots of attempts from the service centre and customer care I was not provided with the number. Luckily, an able operator from customer care understood my problem and sincerely responded me with the details stating that P Krishna ( Phone No. 9985487556) is the person responsible and incharge of the area for the operational services. I immediately dialled Mr P Krishna and stated the problem. He promised me saying that the problem would be resolved in 24 hrs and accordingly he organised the spare part and the technician reported for assembling it. After the new Pc was assembled , the technician replied saying that there is a problem in the compressor too. Now , I felt that my refrigerator is in trouble shoot where it got damaged due to the untimely detection by the technician who had visited firstly. I queried the same with the technician he replied in low voice that it was not detected at the early stage so the problem had become a herculian task. I called Mr P Krishna who was reported about the status of refrigerator by the technician, and he apologised to me saying that the problem would be rectified with next 48 hrs.

With the above incident happened to me I would wish to seek compensation from company for the exploitation of services causing sudden devoid of basic needs and for major loss faced by me due to casual & non-professional attitude of the technician for not detecting the problem timely and causing a huge loss and inconvenience to the customer and their family members due to the following reasons :

1. Who would be responsible for the damage of my refrigerator and why should it not be replaced with the new one ?

2. Why should not a company compensate me for so much of inconvenience done to me, like

· All the perishable items were spoiled

· Non-availability of space for the cool products like icecreams, cool drinks, etc

· For causing the family members to face the heat of summer due to non-availability of cool water, ice, cool drinks, ice creams etc.

· Causing an awkward position when guests have visited the house and we could not provide them the basic needs which is expected in a hospitality treatment.

Simultaneously I would also seek a clarification in following points : 1) Why is that the capacitor which is costing around Rs 100 /- be replaced with a mother board which is enhancing a financial burden to the customer? When they are aware that these capacitors blow off due voltage fluctuation then why are the spares of these parts are not provided ? 2) For the convenience of delivering the spares at one single time to the service centre, why is a customer kept on an inconvenience and how would a compensation be claimed for such lethargic attitude by the company personnel?
3) When a customer has incurred huge amount for the purchase of Refrigerator which is costing Rs 65000/-, then why is it that certain safety measures have not been adopted by the company for the protection of the product and residents?
S V R Prasad

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