Exorbitant electricity bills for single person consumption

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Reliance Energy


Reg: Outrageous bill for Rs. 9900 for the month of May-12,

A/C no. 100961439. Meter No.6971907

I, Souvik Datta reside at 702, Seagull-A, Shirley Rajan Road, Next to Rizvi College, Bandra West, Mumbai 400 050. The account number is 100961439 under the name of my landlord Mr. Shapur Rustom Irani.

I have been residing at the said premises from October 2011. I have been living alone, no wife, no family, no servant, no dog nothing else in this apartment since then. I go to work and come back late like every other person in Mumbai. And in the night I use the AC for 8 hours and leave for work the next day just like every other person in Mumbai. I have always used the AC be it winter or summer for it is a habit. However my bills have been shooting up from March 2012.

In March 2012 I consumed as per records 338 units. In April 2012 it shot up to 447 units. And in the month of May it has shot up to 988 units with a bill amount of Rs. 9900.

A bill amount of Rs. 9900 for a single person living in an apartment with just the basic electrical appliances and gadgets running with no change in usage is mathematically, logically and in every which way, IMPOSSIBLE.

One person who has been living in the same apartment for the last 9 months with no change in usage pattern by which I mean I still go to office and come back and use the AC for 8 hours in the night, there’s been no change in that. That’s the only time I am actually there in the apartment. Otherwise it’s locked and everything else is switched off.

So when I received the bill for the month of May 2012 I immediately lodged my complaint.

Complaint no. 1012027811 and when nothing happened, one more complaint which I made at the Reliance office near Bandra West Rail Station, complaint no. 1011996596

Still nothing has happened.

I am sitting on the 19th of June. I am expected to pay this bill.
Which I will.

But even after two complaints and numerous calls no further action has been taken by Reliance.

What I have received is yet another bill for the amount of Rs. 6000 for June.

Please help.

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