Excessive Voicemail charges since April 2011

Location/place: delhi

Name of company/service: Vodafone

Vodafone has been charging me Re 21 per month since April 2011 against Voicemail services for which i never opted.
Instead i cancelled Voicemail services in March 2011.
I have my bills to submit as a proof and the Vodafone customer service Department is unable to find any request done by me to re activate Voicemail services.
The company has been duping me with an excessive charge of Re 21 / month for the service which i had never opted for.
When i tried reaching out to get a complaint filed, the Escalation Department disconnected my call twice in between.

I spoke to Neeraj (CSR) on 7th June in the morning around 4 am and he confirmed me that i never requested the Voicemail service to be active. There is NO SUCH REQUEST from my side, then why am i being charged for it?

He also asked me to call in the evening so i can be routed straight away to the escalation department, however, , at first the ESCALATION department dropped my call in between (Gaurav from Escalation) and later when i tried connecting via your so called Customer Service again, they have kept me on hold for more then 10 minutes now. I am still on HOLD while i am drafting this email.
Honestly, the way your reps are disconnecting calls and running away from their so called job doesn’t sound convincing to opt for a corporate connection from you.

Praveen Bhandari picked up from Escalation department after a long time and when i asked him when was the request made and who requested the voicemail to be active, he put me on hold abruptly, and then disconnected my call.
if Vodafone is unable to settle the excessive charges being reversed asap, i would go ahead and sue them for duping me and make sure the company pays for the mental harassment they caused me.

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