Excessive study timings.

I am a student of the JMIT college at Radaur, haryana.

My college starts from 9:30 am and ends up at 4:00 pm .

In which we get the break of 40 minutes(12:50 pm to 1:30 pm).

The lecture is 50 minutes long and 4 lectures is continouously taken by the teachers followed by a break and after that 3 lectures continiously taken by the teachers.

My complaint is that :

I am a normal student and i don’t have that much potential to study like a machine but because to maintain the attendence i have to attend all the lectures.

I love to do yoga, sports but due to lack of time i am not even able to do these stuffs and it really feels like i am hanged just like a doll and it feels like my only objective is to study study study recklessly.

Every student will appericate you guys if you will take step against them.

4 hours of study is enough to do at college.

Thankyou so much.
Have a good day!

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