excess charges against MRP

Location/place: Bilaspur , Chhattishgarh

Name of company/service: Kapoor Chand And Sons

Dear Sirs,
I had purchased a Cable for Steam Iron (Mains cord) from M/s Kapoor Chand & Sons, Sadar Bazar, Bilaspur ,(Authorize and paid the price Rs. 150.00 . On my request for bill , they issued ESTIMATE/DELIVERYCHALLAN/BILL S.No. NIL dated 11.11.12, which seems to not proper bill. (Copy enclosed). After making the payment they told me that, the cord can not be replaced & charged full amount ( cost of cord + replacement charges) .
After locating the Auth. Philips service center at Bilaspur, (AVI Services, Auth. Philips Service Center Tarbahar Bilaspur) the cord of the iron got replaced. For the same part including replacement charges they charged Rs 71.82 (say Rs. 72.00) for the price of cord + Rs. 78.00 ( totaling Rs. 150.00) as replacement/labour charges and they issued proper bill/ Receipt no. 1789 dt. 20.11.12, with break up indicating sales tax and service tax. ( copy enclosed).
Here I wants to mention that Rs. 150.00 has been charged by M/s Kapoor Chand & Sons as cost of only product, without providing any services. Where as M/s Avi Services charged Rs. 72.00 as cost of product and Rs. 78.00 as service charges, with proper receipt/bill, totaling Rs. 150.00.
This for your information and suitable action for not issuing proper bill and charging excess amount against the MRP.
NOTE – Copies of bills are biend sent through post .
Thanking You,

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