Excess charge leived

Location/place: c2/44, Satsang complex,Malad (E) Mumbai

Name of company/service: Air Tel

I am having Airtel Broad Band connection Tel no -02242647047 for last one year. For May 2012 bill Rs 850 has been additionally charged to me on account of Smart Bite facility. without my specific request for the same.
Moreover it is worth to note that this facility was started just 1 day before my billing period, and my usase for the last day was also not justify my intention to avail such facility.
I have registered my complain to your Airtel customer care (Ref:- 16674978 dt 03/06/2012), later it was adviced to me to contact higher officials at 022-40030143 for further grievances. I am very disappointed to say that there too my problem was unresolved as they are saying that Smart Bite is started by Pop-up messages appearing over the customer screen. Appellate authority of the company also rejected my request on ground that Smart Bite is an extra facility which was activated at my end.
My concern is,any product which involved extra cost should not be started as mere co-insident, and customer should know the cost of the facility. As this facility had been started without my concent, intention and knowledge, I strongly object the extra charge debited to my account.

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