Excess billing by the store

Location/place: new delhi

Name of company/service: private service

With deep regret,to say that I purchased nike sandow black colour on 11-4 2012 for Rs 1195/- From
My Store Pvt LTD
Pacific Mall, Khayala,Shop No FF-034,Community Centre
On that day they given me a hand Written bill Taking a excuse that Computer is not working ,I asked for the white colour sandow also ,they said it Will come soon to their store.

In the second week of may i got a call from the store that white colour is available in the store. I came on 20-05-2012 to buy the white colour sandow,on that time they given me the computer generated bill for Rs 1195/-.

I went to United States on 22-5-2012,where in fact my son he notice that the tag which was on the sandow was Rs 1095/- in spite of Rs 1195/.I was really shocked that it can happen in the such kind of reputed store

I came back to India on 10th June and I visited Your Store on dated 12-6-2012, where i noticed that still the amount of Rs 1195/- was reflecting on the computer. I really pissed off and ask the store guy he was giving me all nonsense answers to save their mistakes.
At par they commit their mistake,

I talk to Mr Nitesh(store Manager)and Mr Vishal Rai Regarding this matter on phone, and ask them for the compensation for wasting my time and visited their store without my mistake, Moreover from April to may period they had sold so many stuff to different ppl on the excess amount, may be they didn’t notice or intent ally it could happened, so this is purely a cheating case of excess payment.

I am attaching all the bill and the tag where the difference is clearly seen .
kindly look into this matter seriously and get back to me as a valuable costumer.

All seniors officials of Nike

Yesterday I visited your Nike store in pacific mall Najafgarh Road,
Khayala, again I face the same problem which I faced last time
…EXCESS BILLING…I bought one t- shirt in sale, I faced following

1) ON SALE Tag there is no percentage like its 20% or 30% or 40%
2) My memo no T1/00002699 dated 4/7/12, on tag bill amt was 1095/-
but they charge me 1195/-
3) ON 1195/-.. I asked what is your discount as it is on sale…the
store guy said it is 20% discount but for you ..we Will give u 30%
because on sale tag no percentage was mention
4) Is it the way store function..??

kindly explain
Harvinder walia

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