Excess amount charged

Location/place: Munirka, South Delhi/Delhi

Name of company/service: Vodafone

Dear Sir,
This is to report of harassment case by Vodafone in connection with baseless and bizarre billing on by connection with phone number 9654378855. I am using telecommunication network for internet and mobile usage provided by Vodaphone . In the month of September (Bill Cycle 03-Sep-2012 to 02-Oct-2012), Vodafone has billed me for an exorbent amount totaling Rs 14189. Out of said bill, Rs. 349 (249 +100) Plus taxes are on account of calling and miscellaneous charges, while others (in excess of 13000) are on account of internet charges (VF mobile connect).
Following are few more relevant details. a. My regular bill (from last several months and on same plan) is around Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1500 only.
b. My credit limit (maximum possible ceiling to bill) till 26th September 2012 was Rs. 2800. This was increased twice on 27th and 28th September to Rs. 3800 and Rs. 4800 respectively, unanimously, without any request or consent from my side.
c. Even of top of his unconsented credit limit increase, they have billed me with 14289, way above any sort of credit limit.
d. During my telephonic conversation with customer care, they claim that during last week of my billing I consumed approximate 3GB of data on 2G network, which is almost impossible. My previous bill history can be verified for internet usage, call usage and other billable services.

I discussed my case with Vodafone on customer care but it was a futile exercise as the service provider is not willing to understand anything and is bent upon to charge unjustified amount. Based on above facts and circumstances, you are requested to intervene in this matter and guard me against the mentioned harassment.

I also logged a complaint at and Registration Number : DOTEL/E/2012/22967. The request is being closed by Vodafone care stating the bill is correct.

Sir please give me justice.

Kumar Sheodhvj Ratna

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