Enquire and need to take necessary action against HDFC bank for holding the money (Rs.39435.27) without any intimation from my salary account

Location/place: MAROL,MUMBAI-59

Name of company/service: HDFC BANK CREDIT CARD DIVISION

On 22nd July 2011,I had received one SMS regarding online transaction from my credit card of Rs 53000 /- (790.14 Euros at M/S which was not done by me. Immediately I have spoken to customer care of HDFC Bank credit card division regarding fake transaction and to block my card.
Later as per instruction of customer care executive of HDFC bank credit card, I had submitted and faxed dispute form in HDFC Bank same day ( 22/07/2011).
After that they assured me that dispute amount will be appeared in my Aug 2011 statement and the same would be reversed in Sep 2011 credit card statement.
It had been observe red that HDFC bank repetitively showing unpaid amount in each and every month with late fees and interest on that amount in credit card statement.
In latest credit card statement of June 2012, HDFC bank again showing the unpaid dispute amount of Rs 77343.67
On 1st July 2012, HDFC bank held amount of Rs 39435.27 from my HDFC salary account (A/c 02911610043608) without intimating to me.

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