Empty air filled shots of Dairymilk chocolates of cadbury

Location/place: India

Name of company/service: Cadbury

I had bought some packets of cadbury dairy milk shots and about 2-3 pieces were defected in every packet.Some were empty and in few was only one piece was present instead of two. I want to know how is weight measured as the total weight of the packet should be 246.4 gm and if 2-3 units are missing then actual weight should be less than the printed one.

In this way if in every packet 2-3 units costing Rs.2 each are missing, then company must be making lacs of rupees per day or month depending upon the volume of sales of this product. Practically this being very small unit , customer or the store might not be taking seriously. But in our case we have donated these box to an orphanage house counting exact number of children. But we had to face very awkward position when few children didn’t get because of this negligence of the company’s production and weight & measure department and quality control dept. I lodged a complaint in company’s call center ( Ref No.606194)and by mails also. One representative of company visited us and offered 2 chocolates.
I think this should be brought to the knowledge of higher authorities, weight and measure department of Govt of India, knowledge of customers etc.
I have requested the company to send an apology letter and 60 pieces of dairy milk chocolates which can be distributed among children of orphanage.


Rohit Chopra

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