EMERGENCY: Please look into this issue

Location/place: PONDICHERRY

Name of company/service: Reliance big tv


Dear sir,
I am Joseph Jeyaraj from pondicherry, my smart card no is 200897551428,

I am experiencing problems with the setup box, for it is not working from 6 june 2012, And i have rang many phone calls to the toll free number,
and they say that there is no customer service center in pondicherry…

It has been almost 21 days and each and everytime i call them regarding this, they are asking for another 48 hours to solve the issue…

Moreover, i received two reference id, regarding the case. and they themselves closed the reference id, without sending any service personnel….

I also asked about this, about how could they close the issue , without even a single service personnel has attended yet… and they say, they need more 48 hours
to solve it..

Each and every time i call them, they dont give proper response, and they give a void excuse of (((((( 48 HOURS )))))

Its really disheartening to see, that these type of customer executives are there to spoil the name of the company… and in no way they are of use for the company…

I have been a customer of reliance from the beginning of its existence, whereas these executives are there to only speak what they have been trained to…… ie 48 hours,,, 48 hours,48 hours

Hope this information i provided to bigtv will do me some good.

With regards,
MOBILE : 9626049873

SMART CARD NO: 200897551428

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