Electric Penalty justice

Location/place: 103 veer savarkar Nagar Reti Mandi Indore 452012

Name of company/service: Madhya Pradesh Pachim Kshetra vidyut vitaran company Ltd (MPPKVVL)

Consumer Name : Dhananjay Yashwant Deokar
Service N0. 42455503-51-21-302089
Address : 103, Veer Savarkar Nagar Reti mandi Indore 452012
Mobile Contact No : 9009243137 LL NO : 2320003
Ref file NO : 34135 outward No 2097/4-07-12
Inspection No ( panch nama ) 5916 X 09 dated 15-5-12

Dear respected sir,
I (Mr. Dhananjay Y. Deokar ) is residing in the above mentioned colony in Indore . I am consumer of MPEB. I pay regular bills . On one of the visit by the vigilance people of MPPKVVL( they visited us because one of the month they found bill around of Rs 100 Rs whereas all earlier bills were of 720Rs or even more than Rs 1000 ) .
It was noticed that the meter was not showing correct reading. The observer made report mentioning that the load of 9 KW.( the sanctioned load is 4 KW) (He took the all the equipment which are in our showcase and the computers lying unused in the house this was just incorrect way of load estimate that is for considering sanction load limit ) I am working IN RRCAT INDORE and taken care in my house to use energy saving equipments and work in Power electronics . I asked the person to calculate load according to the equipments which are running in the house but he denied ( why ? why ?) .
The meter was sent for inspection ok It was found non functional. But it was not tempered by us. It is mentioned in their report. According to their report (5919x 09 dated 15-05-12) the vigilance section asked me to submit Rs 17209/ – which is unfair for me as the meter is which is not functional for a month at the most . You can see all the earlier bills and the bill paid after the new replaced meter paid by me. And we have not tempered meter. Why I should get penalized of this much huge amount. The functionality checkup and their working should be checked time to time by the company, because it is owned by them and we pay rent for it. The overall inference from the matter is that there no fair calculation of attached load ( that too for sanctioned load). I request you and the company to check the load of my house in a fairway , and secondly the company should charge one month average bill for non functionality of the meter . It is injustice to penalise for Rs 17209/- ( Why Should I pay for which I am not at fault ? )
I have written to them but did not got the reply. They are harassing me by sending notice through their advocate to me. How to take appropriate action and to ask for the compensation for my wastage of time money and much more mental peace ?
Anticipating an early positive justice and humane action.

Thanking you

Yours truly

Dhananjay Deokar
103, Veer Savarkar Nagar Reti mandi
Indore 452012

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