Ebay’s Seller is Fraud

Location/place: chennai

I bought a Transcend mp3 8gb player(ebay PaisapayID :30809424851 ) on feb 2012 for valentine’s day gift ;and it was faulty after one month on march 2012. When asked ebay, they told they do not take responsibility for product after 1 month of pruchase date.

Later I struggled a lot and talked to seller about this defect product, and he asked to send back the defect product to his office at mumbai on first week of april.

Till now the seller has not responded to my calls and he is not sending replacement/repaired product to me till date (june 14,2012) .

He also never responds professionally (he always speaks in local hindi) when i call their office at mumbai and speak to them in english.Till date i have sent nearly 50 emails to the seller, and he never replied to any of my emails. I donot know anyone in mumbai to check that shop to get my product, Ebay registers stupid sellers and as a customer I suffer now for the pruchase with ebay.

I request someone to get my product replaced or help to refund my money (product cost and the STD calls i made to the seller for the past two months).

The seller details are :
gautam computers
shop no-2,kunal mansion
topiwala lane
lamington road

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