Ebay is responding for courier vouchers

Location/place: Hyderabad


I have made a claim#92520 to ebay for item i have received against PaisaPay Id: 31274928930.because item as damaged and ebay had confirmed to send the item back to seller, and ebay confirmed to send the voucher against shipping charges, they have sent the coupon for 1100/- on 7th June by email, and validity date was 2nd Aug,2012, when i tried to use the voucher on 29th July,2012 its gave me error that voucher expired, i have contacted to customer care they said the validity date in their system is showing 24th july,2012, i have made the complain for the same why the validity date are differ in your system and the email i have received, we can only trust the date which we received by email, Ebay customer care are now saying they have sent this matter to back-end team to reissue the new voucher, but its now almost 3 weeks i am not getting proper response from ebay. everytime when i call to customer care they are giving different date, i would like you to take the neccessary action get this issure resolved, i am wasting a lot of time contacting ebay. and this is not small money, its the matter of 1100 rupees.

My email id is [email protected]

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