duplicate product against replacement

Location/place: mumbai

Name of company/service: gizmo bazaar

i had ordered a nokia BH- 503 bluetooth headset from deals and you on payment by online debit card. it was delivered to me but then within 3 days the product created problems and wasnt functioning. so i called them and asked them for the replacement. they promised to replace it within 24 hours of the receival of the product. i spent another 700 rs to courier the product to gizmo bazaar. but after the product was delivered to them back there was no response until i called them after 6 days. first they said its already been couriered from there back to my address and that i will receive in a day time. again i didnt receive the product so i caled them and they said thet they havent received my product which i couriered to them. i mailed them the AWB no of the courier for the proof along with the date. then they stopped answering my calls. then again after my frequent reminders they told me that i shal receive the product in a day. i got the product 2 days back but to mu surprise a ducplicate product that doesnt have a sound quality even half of what i had received earlier. sec there is no literature inside the box. the inside boz was crumpled means that the boz was nt fresh. the head band of the product had the sign and date written on it with a pen which means that its either duplicate or a sec hand product but definitely not branded and original and fresh. also one of its earplug even broke instantly when i was taking off my head. the keys are so hard to press. then wen i cald them so many times they are telling me fake stories and even stopped answering my calls.
i want to put across here that this GIZMO BAZAAR is a fraud and that they dont deliver the original products to me. please i advise to take strict actions againt them so that i cn get my money back or a genuine product as i have laready wasted enuf money on calls and courier apart from the product money .

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