DTDC … The worst shipping company EVER !!

Location/place: Gurgaon

I just wanted to bring to your notice that my consignment bearing
docket number H98640311 was supposed to be delivered to me on 14/06 as per the TAT.

This was a business consignment and evidently DTDC does not understand the
importance of this.

Upon speaking to the executives here at the Gurgaon office, I was
given only one reply – “Tomorrow” … ????? They still had time to deliver it the same day … but as i was told … the delivery guys are in a meeting so they wouldnt come today … =))

As per my business demands I am left with no choice now. The whole
purpose of me having this consignment is lost. Delivering it
the next day kills the whole purpose of my need.

Evidently DTDC is the worst shipping service I have ever seen in my life … Haven’t had this kind of a shameful experience with any shipping company before … NEVER take DTDC !!

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