DSIM is doing fraud with his trainees

My name is Kashan Khan and I am ex-trainee of DSIM and I am passing out from DSIM 10 April 2018 and My overall experience in the DSIM is very poor , Please Please Please beware from DSIM, DSIM is one of the worst institute and a making money only from Students. I have also attached fee slips and DSIM certificate. In the review. Please check because some people think this is a fake review.
DSIM does not provide any type of free tool worth rate 70464 it’s doing totally fraud. And when you going for admission in DSIM, DSIM will show you big dreams, like you will get very big placement from DSIM if you join the course now and much happened to me
And the reality of DSIM is no placement form DSIM, and if the placement from DSIM then the salary of job of 10-12 thousand per month and labour of Delhi is getting high salary compare with DSIM placement, and DSIM is not providing any type of certificate by Google, HubSpot, Facebook and rankwatch you can take these all certificates without joining DSIM, by participating in online exam in Facebook, google, Hubspot and rankwatch and online exam is totally free no fees. you can check on google for more info and get certificates at your home don’t need to join DSIM for this certificates, and DSIM provided to you only one certificate which has no registration number, no admission number, and no enrolment number, it’s just like a normal paper I am also attached DSIM certificate You can check and all 5-4 stars good review on google which you are seeing its totally paid. When anyone give one start on DSIM on google. Then DSIM Put 5-6 review immediately with five stars. For High online Reputation management if not sure check yourself.
I request to all don’t join DSIM.
DSIM doing totally fraud with innocent’s peoples.
Would you like to get the job of 10-12 thousand/ month by spending 88 thousand fees then sure join DSIM if not fire DSIM.

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