Down right cheating by DISH TV

I have DISH TV connection at my home for several years. I recharged it on 19th July 2018 for one month. From next day I started getting message “ NO SIGNAL” I registered a complaint on 21sr July number 413675462. A technician visited my house on 23rd July and stated that my set top box needs to be replaced for which there will be charge of Rs.610.00. I told him to go ahead and replace it. After replacing he started taking away old SET TOP BOX. To which I objected as I had already paid for that box. He said it has to be taken back, without which he will not replace it. I refuse to accept it. IT MAY BE WORTHWHILE TO NOTE THAT THE QUALITY OF NEW BOX WAS RATHER POOR AS HE SAID THERE WILL BE THREE MONTHS WARRANTY FOR NEW BOX. IS THIS SOME KIND OF JOKE? No product in the market gives warranty of less than a year. This it self is proof that qulity of set top box offered was not upto the mark. Perhaps they want to earn extra by replacing set top box after every three months.
I wrote to CEO of DISH TV. Some gentleman called from their office and repeated same story saying old set top box is company property. I fail to understand that logic. When they give new connection they charge for it and say you can take it with you any where in India when you change your residence.Then how it becomes company property. My complaint number with CEO is 90832.
Since they have changed the terms of service I demended refund of amount paid on 19th July 2018, as I not availed their service even for one day. Which was refused by CEO’s office.
This is clearly arm twisting tactics being used by DISH TV.

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