Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: Diesel Store

I, Khaled Ali bought a watch worth Rs 13,495 from the Diesel store which is located in the Phoenix Mall, Vadgaon Sheri and is owned by Reliance India ltd. on 5-7-12. Upon the payment, the girl attendent in the store swiped my Axis bank card once and she denied the access of the same transaction due to some network problem. Subsequently she used my card on the substitute debit card machine and it worked. As soon as I left the store I received two text messages from the Axis Bank stating a deduction of 13,495 two times from my account. Within a span of five minutes I went back to the Diesel store and informed them about the same. On the request of the staff present there, I took the salesgirl with me to the nearby ATM and showed her my statements and also gave her a slip showing my account balance and she agreed that she charged me twice. The store assistant manager requested me for two days to solve the problem and told me that he will get back but after two days when I confirmed he requested me for two more days. I was helpless and I co-operated with them in every way. After the following two days the Store Manager called me and told me that she needed my bank statement without which she could not refund me my amount. I again went to her with my bank statement which is a very confidential document. instead of doing everything I could, the Diesel Store called me up and said that they still cannot do anything about this and that I should check with my bank and now I have been following my bank but still nothing is clear till now. I have been mentally and physically harassed by Diesel and they are still not helping me out with the same. Im in urgent need for money and I have no other option than approaching the consumer court. Please help me with the same.

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