Dormant of bank account my parents by Punjab national bank

Location/place: Pathankot

On approahing Punjab National Bank ( Pathankot Branch) for clearance of check, bank informed my parents ( accout holder) that account is dormant because its non operational from last 3 years. But 15 days back HDFC bank check is clear from the account and pass book is showing so many financial transcation in last 3 months only. My parents were harrased for unesssary formailty. On my intervention bank manager was unable to give justifaction for the same and denied my written application to give the bank dormant rule and reason for dormanting my account in blacken white. He is not allowing us to close the account and asking for unessary formality to activate the account. situation is we are allowed to access our own money in need
Surinder Kumar
Research scolar
PU, Chd

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