Dont buy Samsung Products

Location/place: Mumb

Name of company/service: Samsung Electronics

I bought a Samsung 22 inches LCD TV on 16th of July, 2008. Suddenly before 2 months or so, the TV stopped working properly. Even after using the remote and pressing the On button multiple times the TV was not starting. We have been chasing Samsung for the past two months. Initially they sent their engineer, who said some part needs replacement, then went back to his service centre to call and tell us that the company has stopped manufacturing this TV and we can only be provided with some depreciated value. We submitted the bill. They had again sent their senior technician yesterday. He has said that now the TV cannot be repaired and has asked us to wait for two weeks or so that our refund formalities will be over. He says is 49% of the value of the orginal bill but cannot confirm. I want to go to consumer court. Atleast the TV should work for a reasonable period. This is atrocious and I will recommend people not to buy any Samsung product. ITs a fraud….

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