Domino’s cheating with users.

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I placed an order on July 26, 2018 with Domino’s at 20:51 and the delivery time according to the 30 minutes guarantee was 21:21.

1. The order was delayed first of all, the rider said yes ma’am the order is late but I will get this updated once I reach the branch but I am getting late for another order. Trusting him I said okay.
2. Then the coca cola which they over charge on their site, and we had to order was not there with the delivery boy. He said wait for 5 minutes another boy is coming with cold drink.
3. The other guy came 15 minutes late and after waiting for 5 minutes already, we left and ate our pizzas without the must thing we consider. And then we refused to take that cold drink.
4. Since then, I am contacting Domino’s but their manager is lying over the calls and told me that their rider said that I could not be contacted during the guaranteed time while he had made his first call to us after a delay of 2 minutes. We have not gotten our money for the delay and the missing item till now.
5. I am fasting for Saavan for one month and the manager has denied for the refund and is behaving stubborn that we can not issue the money.

I want you people to look into it and help me as they are violating their policy and also lying rather than accepting the mistakes and helping me.

Since, I placed the order with Zomato and can not take the chat support/e-mail support, I am following up with these cheaters for more than 24 hours.

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