Doesn’t considered the balackbery warranty of one year.

Location/place: Gurgaon

Name of company/service: Blackberry

I purchased a Blackberry phone 8520 with EMIE no. 358408044240219 in September 2011 and in May 2012 my phone got some internal problem and lining came in the display. I visited the customer care office of blackberry situated in Sikanderpur,Gurgaon. I discussed my problem with them they checked my phone and said me that my phone got some internal problem and the person there in customer care said me that we will send your phone in our hardware center and if it will be not a physical damage then we will replace this and they were OK with the thing that yes this is not a physical damage. But now they are saying me that Display is not covered in warranty so you should pay Rs6,000 if you want to get it repaired. Then I asked them to give me in written that display is not covered in 1 year warranty. But they are not willing to do this. I am really unhappy with this thing as I purchased phone in Rs9000 and now they are saying me to pay Rs6000 more,which is two third the price of the phone, if I want to get it repaired.



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