Documents on hold since last 11 months

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Nalneel Technology

Respected Sir/Mam
My name is Firoz Manure, i am a mechanical engg and i was working in Geometric ltd pune on NALNEEL TECHNOLOGY’s Payroll. NALNEEL TECHNOLOGY is consultancy which recruits the candidate to place in companies on their payrolls. i have joined geometric ltd on 25 aug 2011 on NALNEEL TECHNOLOGY’s payroll and since that day they have not given hard copy of my Documents till now,i used to call them after every single week but they always answer me that they we send me my documents, which they never did. My documents are stucked with them since last 11 months and due to which i have lost many opportunities of jobs.And yesterday when i called them and asked for my documents they gave me same answer and after that i relpied them if i dont get my documents i will complaint to police, after that they Replied Do whatever you want we will not give your documents.
I dont understant why they are not giving my documents, i am very upset and actually scared lot to police, i dont have any options other than consumer forum. please help me and Guide are my only option.

i will be waiting for your reply

Thanks ans Regards
Firoz Manure

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