Doctor too busy to write medical history of new patients.

Location/place: Dehradun

Name of company/service: CMI Hospital, Gynaecology Deptt headed by Dr Sumita Prabhakar

The CMI, Dehradun has almost all the specialists doctors and is a multi specialty hospital as envisaged by its founder doctor Dr Jain.

I have been to many specialists in the hospital for various reasons, be it eye testing, sleep problem, acne, ENT and found them to be staffed by excellent team of doctors, who listen to your problem attentively and then recommend suitable medicine. I found that no doctor was eager to have unnecessary tests, be it blood test, sonographs or any other tests, unless it is absolutely essential.

However Dr Sunita Prabhakar who happens to be gynaecologist is ruining the reputation of the hospital. I really do not know if they keep a check as to how many ultrasound/blood/MRI tests are routinely been done. And what is the percentage of these tests per patient. This doctor is running her clinic in the most shoddy manner in the hospital with the help of so many untrained nursing staff, who are also writing down prescriptions and the medical history of the patient, while she is busy in talking on the mobile phones.

The first thing which is asked in the Dr Sunita Prabhakar’s clinic, “Are you a newcomer?”

And if you happen to be a newcomer, then you can just bet it that you will get a loads of tests recommended for some very nominal gynaecological problem. Naturally Dr Prabhakar gets her cuts from all such tests which is something very common in this industry. But Prabhakar, I really do not want to call her a doctor, is really minting money on this.

Any patient has a right that she be accompanied by her husband but here that is not permitted. But she has so many patients in her clinic, that the first thing those nurses or non-nurses do is to tell all males to leave the clinic. The poor lady patient is then prepared by the nurses without asking any questions as to what is the problem. Then after waiting in the hospital bed for about an hour, the great Prabhakar enters talking on a mobile phone. She half listens to the patient and then recommends loads of lab tests, ultrasound, blood test, and so on. And if you look at the files of her old patients, you will find each carrying so many test reports with them.

Now you enter in her clinic for any problem, tests are mandatory. Also the great doctor will not ask you for any problem, you will be just prepared by her nurses for her examination without even uttering a word. And these nurses will write your history, which is to be written by the doctor, really pathetic, do you want this to happen to you. Avoid the Gynaecology Department of CMI, Dehradun if you want to remain healthy. I also do not know how many caesarean sections she must be performing. I do not think she would allow anyone to deliver naturally.

In the end I just want to say CMI as a whole is a fantastic multispeciality hospital. But Dr Prabhakar must be taught how to deal with patients. We do not go there to be handled by some untrained nurses while she talks on mobile phone. We are not new comers, we are patients. We are not some commodity for making money through un-necessary tests. Prabhakar you are a disgrace to the noble profession. No wonder, you are here in Dehradun after doing studies in London because they will never tolerate such cavalier approach in this noblest profession.

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