do not buy from matchingblouses – unstitched material against readymade blouse

On 26th March 2019, I placed an online order for “dark green embroidered blouse size 38 inch” on
website after paying full applicable amount. I was provided
with an order number MB155360795865 – screenshot attached. On 31st March 2019, I received
courier from “Ecom express” towards same. Upon opening the package, I was shocked to note it
contained only unstitched material – photo attached. Immediately I lodged a complaint email to
mblousec[email protected] the only address provided on the website asking for return instructions and
prompt refund. I had sent an reminder on 2nd April 2019 as no correspondence was received. Till date I have not
received any refund for same. Would appreciate taking this to necessary authority for immediate resolution.
Also expect to take necessary steps to blacklist said website so that no more customers are cheated.

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