do not buy flat in kushal apartment,king koti road

Location/place: king koti road,hyderabad 500029 andhra pradesh

Name of company/service: kushal apartment

do not buy flat in this apartment
plz do not buy any flat or rent in kushal apartment ,king koti road hyderabad-500029 andhra pradesh.
this apartment is the most dirty ,worst apartment .people are foolish except few are good.
specially persons staying at 1st ,4th,5th floor are bad,don’t have manners to talk and corrupt.
I would like top request to real estate agent, investors or anyone who is thinking / planning to buy any flat here should immediately drop your decision.flats in this building cost not more than 5 lakhs .there is illegal drinking water supply which may cut anytime.tanker water comes only once a week that too not enough for flats.

so it’s my request to all not to buy any flat in kushal apartment ,king koti road hyderabad-500029 andhra pradesh

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