DND Service not activated

Location/place: Raipur

Name of company/service: Idea Cellular

I am very much disturbed by idea company. I purchased a new prepaid connection of IDEA Cellular company. After activation unwanted flash messages is sent to my no frequently from the company offering for various types of chargeable services. This messages are flashed on the screen without going into the3 inbox & the screen backlight of my handset remains on uptil i view & click ok or back butten. If i click ok incidentely then my 30 or more amount is deducted from the balance. If i close this message by clicking back button then after 10 minutes again some other flash message appears on the screen. Due to the backlight on position the battery of the cellphone gets discharged very soon & my phone gets switched off.
I have activated Do not disturb services & it was promised that by 07/08/2012 7.55 pm (SR No. 1-261793362717) the services will be activated but still the same is not done.
Please help me .

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