DLF Place Saket – you shop we pay

Location/place: Saket, New Delhi

Name of company/service: DLF Palce Mall

Please beware of this entire event/activity…
This is totally fake and all the shoppers have been cheated.
Sunday I had gone and to this mall and shopped for around Rs.5ooo/-, and when I discovered about this promotional activity, I shopped for additional Rs.2500/- to be a part of this. But surprisingly when I had presented my shopping bills to the concierge / info desk (at 08:10pm), the guy told me that the activity closes at 08:00pm. As right to information I asked as where was it stated in entire catalogue, he failed to show me that instead he showed me a point stating that “management reserves the right to final decision”. Then I communicated to the so called management guy on phone and asked for clarification, but again he too never had any answers to my questions and to plenty of other members (shoppers) who were standing there and demanding for an explanation.
The guy on phone stupidly said that “last week bhi kisi ko hamne bataya tha to wo maan gaye the, aap kyo nahi maan rahe ho”. How stupid of them to carry on such an activity which does not carry any authentication. This is fraud and cheating the shoppers.

They are running this activity for 30th June to 22nd July.

Please take a serious action against them to fool people or tell them to close this activity if they cannot deliver what they say.

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