DishTV HD service renewal

Location/place: Chennai

Name of company/service: DishTV HD service

I have renewed my dishtv package for the period of one year which is due on 8th June 2012. I have paid Rs.4200/- for South Super HD world pack for the period of one year. In the South Super HD world pack following channels are part of the pack Zee TV HD pack and Travel HD pack. After renewal i am able to view the pack. Couple of days back this channels are blocked and when enquired with DishTV they said this channels are removed from my package and i need to purchase it as alacarte by paying additional charges per month. I discussed with them that it is not fair to remove those channels from my package and you have offered all the above channels as part of my package now you are asking us to pay for the same channels for which you have already collected money for one year. Request to provide proper justice on the below issue where Dishtv offered the service at the time of collecting the yearly subscription and remove the channels from the package and asking customers to pay separately for each of the channels again. I pray for the proper justice. My VC no: 01512124595

A Chandrakala

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