Dish tv should be ban in India

Location/place: Kolkata

I want to complain for Dish tv as they give channels but after some time they say that if we want to see that channel then we need tp extra money for it. for example channel name Life ok was visible in my pack suddenly i noticed that channel is no more available to me i called customer care and i came to know that i need to pay Rs.20/month extra to get that channel back. So tommorow they will do with some other channels and what option do we have. Its my humble request to the Indian Government that they should think for this kind of companies. The new rule of Digitization which will be in act from 1st july was introduced so that customer should get more channels but in Dish tv the channels are reducing and monthly package is increasing. Plz take some actions for this kind of company, there sould be only one package for all the people. I want to say plz think for it and take some steps so that we can also see more channels at cheap price.

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  1. 8 years ago

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