Discontinuation of services

I was availing services of idea cellular vide nos 9897090600 and 7500026622. Mr Shoaib Khan idea executive convinced me to have 3 new connections viz 7247888852, 7247888867 and 7247888869. I discontinued services of my previous nos as idea executive convinced me that services of previous nos will be discontinued. But I received bill continuously for last 3 months for my previous nos. On payment of the same I mailed to [email protected] and [email protected] on 22.06.18 to discontinue services of all nos viz 98979090600, 7500026622, 7247888852,7247888867 and 7247888869. Earlier I mailed to same ID regarding the subject but no response was availed from service provider. Even after paying bill for 3 months and requesting the service provider I again received bill intimation. While contacting the sales executive on the subject he told me that he is helpless in this regard and I will have to talk to higher authorities.
This irresponsible behaviour of idea executives need to be addressed becoz we customers on receiving end are mentally and financially molested which is not acceptable at all.

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