Disconnection of Tikona Broadband Service

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Tikona Digital Network


I’ve put this complaint on the consumer court site as well. Request you to look into it for me.

My name is Ajit Sawant and I’m writing on behalf of my Mom’s, Aruna Sawant, account with Tikona.
Used ID: 1106133510

I had asked for the service to be disconnected in May 2012. As usual I was asked to send an email to [email protected] for disconnection. I sent the email for disconnection on the 27th of May 2012.

I did get a couple of calls from customer care asking to continue with my account offering me several schemes. But I had asked to disconnect the service. I also got a call asking me to pay the final settlement as my service was disconnected. I paid the final settlement of Rs. 780 (approx) and expected that all my dues were cleared.

However, I’ve been getting bills since then for the last couple of months asking to pay my monthly bills. I checked with the customer care and they tell me that my account is disconnected but my billing account is active (spoke to Pooja).

I’ve been asked to pay Rs. 1773 for two months (June and July). I will not pay this amount as I have disconnected the account. If there is usage on the account, I’m willing to pay for the days I’ve used the service as my Family might have used the service as it was not disconnected.

Request you to solve this for me as I don’t want sit and complaint on matters such as these.


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