Disconnection of my post paid connection- mobile

Location/place: Lucknow

Name of company/service: Airtel

Dear Sir,
Below is my complaint which i have raised to airtel Nodal officer-but no responce as of now.

This is in reference to captioned postpaid No.where i have been using this no. since last 7 yrs.

In last 3 yrs I have not used any of the services provided by your co. but have paid the monthly bills as informed via sms’s & bills. Since last 1 yr i was facing several issues pertaining to bill plans where i have asked to change the bill plan with lower rentals.

Despite of the fact that i have asked to change the bill plan no body have bothered to take necessary actions- The first request was raised last year in Oct’2011 followed by in January’2012 and thereafter.

In January I received a call form your representative who had assured for the said changes & reversal of charges levied in past- Thanks to him some of the charges were reversed & I paid the complete outstanding bill in Jan’2012.

I was shocked in Feb & March’2012 when i got the bill that the bill plan was still not changed & same plan was continued- Despite the mistake made by Airtel officials I requested to get the rectification done to your all officials who contacted me.

But nobody was concerned and no action was taken till last month i.e.May’2012.

Even after all such stupidity & casual approach of your co. I paid the total outstanding as shown in account summary during checking my online details.

Things have gone out of control now when the services were discontinued on my phone and when i contacted your CM care was surprised to know that the said no. has been permanently discontinued- Pls note that the things have not stopped here & I was informed by 1 of my friends that the said no has been issued to some other person today.

When i contacted the person was actually surprised that the said no has been issued to him 3-4 days back & moreover all my personal information regarding bank account/investment/ and all other personal data.

This all is just to inform you that how much i have been harassed in last few months & despite of the fact that the problem is at your level I have been penalized even when I have cleared all dues as per last bill.

Thanks & Regards

Vivek Srivastava
09305466473 |

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