Disconnected STD Calls

Location/place: NAVI MUMBAI

Name of company/service: IDEA CELLULAR LTD.

I have IDEA Post Paid No: 08652088666 since last 8-9 months. I had been paying all my bills on time. I always had only one problem that IDEA charges for speaking to Customer Care Executive.
But suddenly my STD outgoing calls are disconnected which are of most importance to me.
When spoke to customer care they always give assurance of the service within 24 hrs.
But when last time I spoke them they became rude and started saying that first pay your current outstanding of RS.625 then speak to us.
I told them that I have a credit limit of Rs.1300 and the bill payment time is still due upto 7th of Nov, they became more rude and stated that untill and unless you immediately pay your outstanding we will not provide you with
I want to know is this a way to talk to a customer of a company who is in trouble.
I want a strict action taken against them.
Mitesh D. Nandy

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