Disconnect Landline by Reliance Communication without any intimation.

Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: Sunidhi Securities and Finance Ltd

We have 3 landline connections of Relaince Commonication bareing No. 02030461440/42/43. On 1st June without any inttimation or any notice all lines disconnected/surrendered by Reliance Communication.Even they are agreeing that by mistake they had cancelled the connection.Our all dues are cleared till date.We had made complaint for the same to reliance customer care and email to them also.Complaint date is 4th June,6th June,8th June,11th June and 13th June.Still there is no responce from reliance.Now they are telling they can’t start our connection.As we are in Brokeng industry we are facing many problems due to disconnection of telephone lines.Please look into matter urgently.

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